The ACP MTS Programme began operations in March 2009 and ceased in March 2014. It was a successor to the all-ACP capacity-building programme for the WTO that ran from 2002 to 2006. Unlike its predecessor, the ACP MTS Programme had two components: the Multilateral Trading System component and the Enhanced Integrated Framework component. [..]

The main purposes of the Programme are

  • To assist ACP countries in reforming and adjusting to the multilateral trading system
  • To improve their capacity to negotiate and implement multilateral trade agreements
  • To integrate trade into the development process of the ACP countries
  • To facilitate accession of ACP member countries to the WTO

The Ministry of Economy of the Union of the Comoros requested the Programme’s support to assist in its longstanding WTO Accession. [..]

The Republic of Djibouti requested the conduct of a mid-term review of its national strategy to develop trade. [..]

On the initiative of the ACP MTS Programme, a project for an ACP Post-MC-9 Reflections meeting was developed. [..]

Samoa sought the Programme’s assistance to participate in the 27 th Geneva Week, November 11-15. [..]


ACP MTS Programme Evaluation

December 14 2012

Due to the demand-driven nature of the ACP MTS Programme, it is fundamental for our Team to seek the feedbacks of those who have benefited from the Programme Technical Assistance. [..]

The ACP economies are based on a narrow basket of primary commodities. The economies are relatively weak and dependent on world market prices for their exports of mainly unprocessed primary products. The EU remains a major trading partner with the ACP countries. [..]

The project “ Establishment of health and safety standards for the production and export of kava-based products ” was implemented through the EU-funded facility ACP MTS Programme over the last few months and culminated with a Validation Workshop held in Port Vila, Vanuatu on 12-15 March 2012. [..]

ACP High-Level Meeting on Aid for Trade in preparation for the 3rd Global Review on Aid for Trade, Geneva 22 June 2011 In preparation for the effective participation of the ACP countries in the Third Global Review of Aid for Trade , the ACP Group Secretariat is organizing a high-level meeting [..]